Gone But Never Forgotten — 15 Hilarious Vines That Still Make Us Laugh.

a two-photo collage. the first is a closeup of a little girl with birds in the background. the second is of a boy playing two flutes with his nose.

Vine may be gone, but it will always be in our hearts… and on YouTube.

In case you missed it, Vine was a social media app from 2012 to 2017 that was full of hilarious, six-second videos. That’s right, they were only six seconds long. That might not sound like enough time to create good content, but Vine creators were able to make some of the funniest (and weirdest) videos online that are still quoted to this day. See for yourself with some of our favorite Vines we’ve listed below!

1. When you don’t understand the question but try answering to the best of your ability anyway.

2. And the best dad joke goes to…

3. She’s asking the real questions.

4. Well… they are birds.

5. Self-love? We love to see it.

6. We’re already so invested.

7. Part of the charm of Vine was its videos being so short but, we’ve got to admit, a longer version of this sounds amazing.

8. Back to the drawing board!

9. Heads up: The audio dramatically (and comically) increases!

10. Very insightful!

11. It’s a good question!

12. Talent comes in so many forms.

13. It’s the remix we never knew we needed!

14. Do you think there’s a chance this deal is still going on?

15. He deserves all of the avocados his sweet little heart desires.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little trip down memory lane in social media! There may always be a Vine-shaped hole in our hearts, but we’ll always cherish the memories — and the delightfully ridiculous content that remains on YouTube.

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