15 “Weird Little Guys” Who Prove Cats Don’t Know How To Be Normal

a white cat with black spots "standing" sideways on a wall while leaning on a chair and a small cat with a glowing mouth thanks to the fairy light in its mouth from a string of fairy lights

Cats are unique creatures with their own distinct personalities, but if we had to sum them all up in one word, we’d have to go with… weird — but don’t worry, we mean that as a compliment!

Plus, it’s an opinion that many people share. In fact, there’s even a Twitter account called “cats being weird little guys” that has blown up to 300k followers in the weeks since it was created. The premise for the account is simple: People direct message them a photo of their wacky cat, they share it with their followers, and voila — you have the recipe for the purrfect Twitter account for cat lovers. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites!

1. Did somebody say… parkour zoomies?

2. What a #girlboss.

3. “And for my next trick, I’ll turn into a helicopter!”

4. One man’s trash is another kitten’s cozy spot.

5. When you wake up from a nap and can’t remember what year it is.

6. Hmm… wonder why that sign is needed.

7. When yoga doesn’t go the way you planned.

8. We can only imagine she thinks that she’s perfectly hidden.

9. Expensive cat bed? Nah, this is better.

10. These twins, Luna and Kennedy, have stolen hearts with their love for each other!

11. Many people say she has a glowing personality.

12. Gravity? Never heard of it.

13. Who knew that a water bowl could double as a bed?

14. “Listen… there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for why I’m in the forbidden room.”

15. If a computer doesn’t come with its own tech kitty then we don’t want it.

Sometimes our cat’s weirdness can drive us crazy, but no matter what they do, we love them exactly as they are. Besides, being normal is boring!

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