4 Amazing Night Routines That Will Guarantee A Better Tomorrow.

What you do tonight impacts how you live tomorrow.  A lot. If you have a horrible, hectic night with no structure at all... tomorrow could be really tough. These four routines are unbelievably simple, yet incredibly effective.  And they make tomorrow great! Based on science, history, biology, and human psychology, each one of these takes under 5 minutes but can drastically improve your sleep and your next day. Try just one and watch your days become more effective and enjoyable!

1. Stretch your body

Duh, right!?  But do you do it?  5-10 minutes of light stretching can seriously set you up for a good night of sleep… and preserve your body for the “tomorrow” 20 years from now. If your body isn’t healthy and relaxed, then your mind will be wound up as well.  A healthy body leads to a healthy tomorrow.

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