Dreadlocked Genius Asks A Brilliantly Difficult Question, His Words Might Just Impact Your Life.

How do you spend your day? Are you filling your time with things that improve your life or things that are just momentary and fleeting?

There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but letting the majority of your day result in a stagnant life is no way to pave a path of a successful, happy life.

That’s the idea this brilliant man, Trent Shelton, is trying to prove with his train of thought. His words are concise and easy to understand, but they’re filled with so much wisdom.

Take Trent’s ideas and compare them with your life. If you want to push forward and improve the way you live and where you’re headed, truly think about what you find. If you are in line with his thoughts, keep on going! But if you think you can work on getting better moving forward, do just that!

Watch his sage advice below.

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