15 Inventions So Pointless They’re Actually Hilarious

Not every new creation is meant to take off. The way Matty Benedetto sees it, that's the fun part of inventing!

Matty is a product designer and entrepreneur who, funnily enough, found success after he decided to specialize in "unnecessary inventions." While his products are admittedly pointless, they do fill another need: making people laugh!

Check out 15 of his most useless inventions below and get ready to smile.

1. "Meet the AirSticks, the chopstick extensions for your AirPods."


2. Introducing Bang Brows, the "eyebrow extensions [that] give your eyes the bangs they have always been hoping for."

bang brows

3. "The Do Not Paint Roller™️ ... to properly label the walls that don’t need to be painted during your home renovation."

do not paint roller

4. "StickyKicks™️. Stand your ground whether you are stuck in a hurricane, holding your place in a crowd, or just not going anywhere anytime soon!"

sticky kicks

5. Cuisine Curtain, the perfect solution for shy eaters!

cuisine curtain

6. Get those sausage fingers toned and ready to text with the FingerTrack!


7. Too lazy to turn the light off at night? The Bedtime Finger Blaster has you covered!


8. Never spill your coffee again with the Commuter Cup Carrier, which conveniently attaches to your shoes!

shoe cup holder

9. "The Not Today Mirror™️... Our new mirror features five curtain zones to pick and choose what you see in the mirror."


10. "Even out those summer T-shirt tan lines once and for all" with Farmer-B-Gone!

farmer b gone

11. "The Coro-neck™️ ... In those emergency cases where you forget your mask, this fashionable shirt features a face covering that quickly flips up to also reveal the perfect deep V-neck."


12. Get your sweat and paint on at the same time with the Paint-ercise Rollers!


13. Who needs a fidget spinner when you can have twice the fun with a Fidget Backpack?


14. "The Not Hot Blanket™️. When only that one leg just needs a breather."


15. The Instructional Pants: for those who need a little extra guidance with their jeans.

instructional pants

While it's true nobody asked for these, now we can't live without them! We can't wait to see the silliness Matty churns out next. In the meantime, you can find more of his inventions on Instagram, YouTube, and his website.

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