Microblading Artist Gives Cancer Patients A Fresh New Look — Free Of Charge!

Storie Myers performs microblading for cancer patients free of charge

Storie Myers understands the connection between looking your best, and feeling your best.

The Salt Lake City, Utah microblading artist is in the business of helping people take control of their appearance. She’s using her time and talents to help people who have suffered hair loss due to cancer treatments. The best part? She’s doing it for free!

Storie first got the idea to provide free services to cancer patients when one of her clients shared her personal hair loss journey after chemotherapy. Her words touched Storie’s heart.

“I was just so moved by her struggles and her stories, that by the end of the appointment, I just could not charge her,” she recalled.

She vowed then and there to make time in her schedule to accommodate cancer patients in her salon, asking that they pay her in smiles instead of cash.

@studiostoriemicroblading Been doing cancer patients for free for 5 years! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing their reactions! 🥹💗 #microblading #pmubrows #cancer #pmuartist #browsonfleek ♬ BREAK MY SOUL – Beyoncé

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that mimics the look of hair on the body. This form of permanent makeup is used cosmetically to fill in sparse eyebrows, and it’s frequently sought out by cancer survivors who experienced hair loss during treatments.

“Sometimes it comes back, for certain people,” she explained. “But a lot of times it doesn’t come back the way that they would hope. Maybe they’ve gone through cancer multiple rounds, and that, you know, takes a toll on their body, so it’s awesome that microblading can help restore that on their face.”

Storie believes that everyone is beautiful with or without hair, but she also knows hair rejuvenation can give people an instant confidence boost when they need it most.

One of the first customers to receive a free microblading treatment from Storie is Gretchen Baldwin. Gretchen had 12 cycles of chemotherapy to put her Hodgkin’s lymphoma into remission. She lost all of her hair, so when a friend told her about Storie’s services, she jumped at the opportunity to feel more like herself again. She admits she was nervous to see the results at first, but once she did she was overjoyed!

“When she was done I looked in the mirror and it just like it really changes like how you look,” said Gretchen. “I can’t remember, I think I may have cried. I was just so thankful for her. Not only for, you know, the way it made me look, just not having to worry about paying for it for was super nice, because you’ve already got all these other bills and everything going on.”

Reactions like Gretchen’s are what fuel Storie to keep going!

“Their reactions to that are so moving,” she said. “It’s so fulfilling, and that is so worth it to me, and I just had to keep going with it.”

@studiostoriemicroblading This sweet girl has trichotillomania, it’s where you pull your hair out due to stress and anxiety. So happy I was able to help her feel confident with her new full brows! 💗#microblading #pmuartist #pmubrows #trichotillomania #utahmicroblading ♬ original sound – studiostoriemicroblading

Storie has committed to performing three or four free sessions for cancer patients every month! Patients should check with their doctors to make sure it’s safe first, but once they’re cleared, she’s eager to help them feel their best.

What a wonderful service to provide for people who have been through so much!

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