“That’s What I Needed.” Chaotic Sea Lions Send News Anchor Into A Giggle Fit.

victor blackwell and alisyn camerota hosting “cnn newsroom.” blackwell is covering his mouth as he laughs. the bottom of the screen says “viral video. sea lion scares away beachgoers in california.”

The only thing funnier than these speedy sea lions is Victor Blackwell reacting to them!

The news anchor was co-hosting “CNN Newsroom” with Alisyn Camerota when it came time for them to share a viral video. In it, sea lions in La Jolla Cove near San Diego, California began to chase after beachgoers. The event was said to be triggered, in part, by someone trying to take a photo.

“I do love the beach,” Blackwell said at the start of the segment. “And I like a nice nap on the beach. Sometimes, though, there are just too many people. And maybe that’s what set off these two sea lions on a beach near San Diego.”

Both anchors were amazed at how quickly the sea lions could waddle their way across the beach, but it was Blackwell in particular who caught the case of the giggles.

“I don’t know why, I just imagine their little sea lion voices cursing these people out and then chasing them around the beach,” he said through laughter before later adding, “Oh, man. That’s what I needed.”

Based on the reaction of social media users, Blackwell wasn’t the only one who needed this laugh! Thanks to his amazing reaction, we get double the amount!

Watch Blackwell react to those surprisingly fast little sea lions in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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