“God Placed Stela In My Life.” Woman Helps Stranger Deliver Miracle Baby On Road.

a woman named stela niznik wearing a face mask and smiling as she holds and looks down at the baby girl she delivered named darlie stela

While in yoga class, Stela Niznik and her fellow yogis were encouraged to set an intention for the day.

The practice is something the class does often, but on this particular day, Stela chose to do something good for someone. Little did she know that an opportunity to do just that was mere minutes away.

As the owner of Chicken and the Egg restaurant made her way to work, she saw a car parked in the middle of the street. A man, a little girl, and an older woman were all standing outside, but it was another woman who caught her attention the most.

“The woman was pregnant and wearing a dress,” Stela said, “and I could see blood all over her legs.”

Without hesitation, she pulled over and called 911. An ambulance was on its way, but until then, the operator instructed Stela to check on the woman to see how far along she was. At that point, Stela could already see the baby’s head.

“The woman on the phone then told me to take a deep breath and ‘stay calm’ because: ‘You have to deliver the baby now, you don’t have time to wait for the ambulance,'” Stela recalled.

Thankfully, Stela didn’t have to deliver a baby for the first time entirely alone. The 911 operator stayed on the phone to give her instructions, one of which was to have the pregnant woman lay on top of her yoga mat.

“I’m pushing with one hand, and with the other hand I just started slapping her legs, yelling at her like crazy, I’m like, ‘Come on mom! You got this. Just keep on pushing, push!'” Stela said. “And then eventually the baby just perfectly landed in my hands.”

Soon after, the ambulance arrived and took Mom and her newborn to the hospital, where they were both confirmed to be healthy!

But that isn’t where Stela’s kindness ends.

Once baby Darlie was born, Stela learned more about this incredible family’s story. For three months, they’d been traveling by bus and foot from Chile to the U.S. for an opportunity at a better life, something the pandemic had made incredibly difficult to do in Chile.

On their way over, they passed through 11 countries and were robbed multiple times. Now, with a newborn in tow, they’ve been working to start their new life in a new country… something Stela is more than happy to help with.

In addition to starting a GoFundMe for them, she has become their friend.

“Since then I am helping the family with doctor’s appointments, transportation, looking for a home and buying basic needs. The funds will be transferred into my bank account until we open up a bank account for Darlie,” Stela wrote. “The family is aware of the funds and I am currently handling their bills until the family has their own bank account.”

To show just how much they appreciate Stela’s support, they’ve given their baby girl a very special name: Darlie Stela.

“I have no doubt that God placed Stela in my life,” Darlie’s mom said. “I hope she continues to help others because God will bless her.”

Stela added, “I don’t think it was a coincidence that I just happened to be there and that I just happened to stop.”

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