You Better Watch Where You Step On This One-Of-A-Kind Japanese Beach!

Thanks to an underwater volcano, a beach in Okinawa, Japan has become something of a real-life optical illusion.

When the pumice rocks that were expelled from the eruption made their way to shore, it caused the surrounding water to look like an extension of the beach. It looks pretty normal at first, but when the water starts to pick up, it suddenly looks as though the shore is moving like the waves.

To get an idea of what it’s like, TikTok user @kylesthenix shared some clips of his adventure to the beach. In it, he shows that the best way to test if the ground is safe to walk on is by carrying a giant stick, though placing your phone on the solid pumice rocks is also fun — just not advisable!

Watch a clip of this unusual beach visit below and don’t forget to share.

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